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Who we are

REC – Ridzpit Empyrean Co. – is a multi-faceted company specializing in I.T. services, Mobile App Development, Online and Mass Media Marketing, Social Media Management, and Events & Media Production.

Our Mission

Our MISSION is to address the growing demand for dynamic media platforms concurrent with today’s fast-evolving and constantly changing technologies.

Our Approach

Our APPROACH can be summed up on the process we called called 5C’s : Concept, Creation, Compatibility, Control, Consistency.

  • Concept – Our team will assist you with formulating unique concepts that are certain to make YOU stand out.
  • Creation – Bringing the concepts to existence.
  • Compatibility – R.E.C. will provide you solutions for your websites and mobile applications that are compatible with mobile platforms (Android and iOS) and Desktop browsers.
  • Control – Applications will fail if there is a lack of maintaining force behind it. Application management involves stable updates, bug fixes, content-generation, site analytics and reporting, and many other services that we’ve constantly been handling for years.
  • Consistenty – Technology advances at a daily pace, it is almost impossible for busy people to stay updated with these changes and implement them. Our job is to make sure that your brand is aligned with the latest developments in technology and keep you at the top of your game

Our Services

In keeping with its mission to address and expand opportunities in media and entertainment, REC offers a wide range of I.T. related services, Event & Concert Productions, Bands & Booking, Marketing & Social Media, Audio & Video Production.

Mobile Application Development (Android & iOS)

Companies are now adopting mobile apps as effective tools for branding their products, retaining their current market, as well as gaining new ones. REC has already developed its own Android and iOS apps to include in its I.T. portfolio, and is now open to bringing the same standard of quality to interested clients.

Web Design & Development

Development and Design of a website is essential to modern business models as it mirrors the identity of an individual or a company, its core values, its people, and especially its services. A well-designed, well-developed, responsive and cross platform compatible can mean the difference between good business and bad business in the long-run. REC’s specialized team of web developers has the knowledge and the experience to bring all your best concepts alive on the online realm.

Web Management & Hosting

Our experienced Managed Services team will partner with you to deliver an unmatched level of account service and counsel. Whether you need end-to-end mailing management, web-site administration and support, and web hosting, we can provide it for you so you can focus on your business and products.

Events & Concert Production

With its long list and history of producing local and international concerts on its corporate resume, REC stands out as one of the best event organizers in the country. It doesn’t matter if it is a corporate, an academic, a social, or an outdoor event; if it involves booking bands, laying out a venue, staging, lights and sound system, staffing, security, programming and other nitty-gritty specifics of coming up with the best party for you and your guests, we got it.

Bands & Booking

With our long history in the OPM scene, REC has already established a strong bond with many of the country’s best performing artists, both in the mainstream and underground scenes, making it easier and more convenient for our clients to contact and book them to perform at any kind of social or outdoor event. Just contact us and tell us what kind of band you need and your budget and we’ll take it from there!

Social Media Management and Mobilization

Social Media dominates the online marketing scheme with its free accessibility, simple interface, easy navigability, customizable and real time content updates, direct user engagement, on-site monitoring capacity, monetizing scheme, and many other features. As content managers, REC creates, manages, and updates content that are relevant to and reflective of our client’s brand/s and targeted to their audience, in addition to company news, activities, brand updates, and more.

Mass Media Marketing

Traditional Mass Media still the prime tool used in advertising – is also increasingly becoming digitized as more people turn to their computers and smartphones for information and entertainment. As a media company primarily focused on digital marketing strategies, R.E.C. is willing to service clients who are looking for a marketing intermediary with a touch of traditional mass media through its online radio station, “Rakista Radio.”

Video Production and Photography

Our wide range of media-related services includes audio dubbing and editing, video animations and 3D production, and video and photo coverage among others.

Rakrakan Festival `14

Rakrakan Festival is the biggest annual 100% Pinoy Rock music festival in the country happening every December and which includes other activities like Extreme Sports Competition, Food Bazaar, Merch & T-Shirts Bazaar.

Rakrakan Festival `15

Rakrakan Festival is the biggest annual 100% Pinoy Rock music festival in the country happening every December and which includes other activities like Extreme Sports Competition, Food Bazaar, Merch & T-Shirts Bazaar.

Desert Lily Vintage

Desert Lily Vintage is a carefully curated collection of Women’s and Men’s fashion and accessories for the mid 1960’s – 1990’s. We believe that conscious consuming through vintage is not only ethical but also important for a sustainable future.

Visit: http://www.desertlilyvintage.com.au/


Dickies Through its dedication to innovation and continual customer contact, Williamson-Dickie Mfg. Co. has transformed itself from a small bib overall company to the largest work wear manufacturer in the world. Sold in every state in the U.S., Dickies now offers a broad spectrum of work garments ranging from work pants and work shirts to denim jeans and women’s work wear. Since its beginnings in 1922, every piece of Dickies work wear has stood for the quality, toughness, and pride that embodies the spirit of the American Worker.

Visit: http://www.dickies.com.ph/a>


Stitch, an e-commerce site for all things indie. It features brands from independent brands and shirts.

Launch Date: November 2014. Visit: http://www.stitch.ph

Rakista, Social Media Management

R.E.C. manages the the official facebook and twitter of Rakista Radio. They have two facebook account for the Website and for Rakista Radio App. Services we provided are complete social media management, content planning and reporting.

Facebook: Rakista
Facebook: Rakista Radio

Red Horse Beer, Social Media Management

R.E.C. manages the official facebook and twitter of Red Horse Beer. We started the facebook page and now with more than a million likes, Red Horse Beer is one of the top 10 most liked brands in the Philippines. Services we provided are complete social media management, content planning and reporting.



Rakista.com, the official website of Rakista Radio is the no.1 Pinoy Rock community in the world. The website features an online radio, blogs, news, polls, quizzes, events, marketplace, games, jokes, forums, etc. The website has more than 15 million page views per month.

R.E.C. Services are hosting, development & complete management of website, wap site, complete platform for the Online Radio, design, promotion and Social Media management.

Visit: http://www.rakista.com

Rakrakan Series

The Rakrakan Series was a music rock concert happening twice a year with more than 30 participating OPM artists each event. The event had a total of 17 concerts happened from 2010 to 2012. This series of concerts were produced by R.E.C.

Red Horse Beer Pambansang Muziklaban

Red Horse Beer Pambansang Muziklaban is the biggest annual rock band competition that has been held in the Philippines since 1999. R.E.C. has been a partner of this event for years. Services provided were media coverage, booking of bands, promotion, audition bar gigs and production.

Luneta 2012 New Year Countdown

Yearly Countdown in Luneta. Services provided were production, media coverage and booking of bands.

Rakista Radio Application

Rakista Radio ™, the Philippines’ no. 1 online radio station and foremost online community dedicated to promoting OPM. REC has developed the most downloaded, most rated, and most reviewed online radio app, Rakista Radio, coming from the Philippines. Compatible with both Android and iOS mobile systems, the Rakista Radio app features a simple but sleek design, and easily navigable graphic user interface, which basically allows users to listen, request, and vote for their favorite local songs with just a tap of a finger/slight of a hand/touch of a hand, among other functions. Developed for the purpose of redefining wireless entertainment, the Rakista Radio app, in less than a year, has been exponentially effective in bringing OPM rock music, old and new alike, to a broader demographic everywhere in the world.

Download the application from Android’s Google Play or Apple’s App Store!

Rakrakan Festival

Rakrakan Festival is the biggest annual 100% Pinoy Rock music festival in the country happening every December and which includes other activities like Extreme Sports Competition, Food Bazaar, Merch & T-Shirts Bazaar.

Rakista Jam Tayo

The Rakista™ Jam Tayo eXtreme are monthly gigs hosted by Rakista Radio that promotes local rock music and provides exposure for our local artists. This event may include activities like skateboarding competition that will cater to extreme sports enthusiasts who are in and out of the music scene and Pambansang Muziklaban – the biggest nationwide band competition in the country. Started on 2010 and with more than 60 gigs in history, Rakista Jam Tayo is the most attended and most known independent gigs in the local rock scene. This series of events are produced by R.E.C.

Slapshock live Rakrakan Festival [2013]

This is an amateur video of Slapshock during their performance at Rakrakan Festival.

Event Name: Rakrakan Festival
Date: December 22, 2013
Venue: Coral Way Street Open Area, SM Mall of Asia, Pasay City

Slapshock live Rakrakan Series [2012]

Live video of Slapshock during their performance at Rakrakan Series.

Event Name: Rakrakan Series
Date: April 14, 2012
Venue: Open Area, Bluewave Edsa corner Macapagal Avenue, Pasay City

Silverstein live in Manila

Silverstein live in Manila
Date: July 11, 2012

Produced by : R.E.C. and Sonic Boom

Urbandub Animation

Urbandub animation used for event displays.

Oblvion Animation

Oblivioan band animation for event backdrop

Ang Liwanag ayon kay Toot Decay animation

A simple introduction animation for Ang Liwanag ayon kay Toot Decay show in Rakista Radio. This animation is used in youtube.com/rakistatv channel.

Kuya Wag Po Animation

A simple introduction video for Kuya Wag Po show in Rakista Radio. This animation is used in youtube.com/rakistatv channel.

Rakista Radio 3D Animation

3D Animation for Rakista Radio

Gabi ng Lagim – The Chongkeys [Official Music Video]

Gabi ng Lagim – The Chongkeys
[Official Music Video]

Produced by: R.E.C.
Edited and Directed by: Willan Rivera

Client: The Chongkeys


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